The Workshop was established in 2005. It grew out of a community-based youth and family service in the Eastern Metropolitan Region and now works with primary and secondary schools, youth services and other community services for young people across Victoria.

We develop and deliver a wide range of programmes that promote the social development of young people as individuals, as responsible family and community members, and as citizens.

Our work is

Practical: we work directly with young people, their parents, their teachers and their broader community.  Our understanding and skills remain grounded in practice.
Contextual: we see young people as individuals within families within communities.  We believe that who they are and who they become depends on how their individual potential is developed in daily interactions with their peers, families, school and their community.
Relational: our work centres on developing young people’s skills to negotiate their relationships with these different groups.  We understand that who we are is the result of the interaction of our personal attributes and the relationships we have with those around us and our wider environment.
Developmental:  We take a long-term perspective, seeking to build lasting relationships with schools and communities.  We know that cultural change is a long-term process that requires care of the people involved and understanding of both their objective and subjective realities.

Richard Williams

Richard Williams has more than three decades’ experience working in welfare and education, both in community and private sector organisations.  He has worked in youth theatre, juvenile justice, youth homelessness and adult migrant education. From 2001-2004 he was Executive Officer of Manningham Youth and Family Services.

He is currently a Research Fellow at the McCaughey VicHealth Centre for Community Wellbeing at the University of Melbourne. His research interests are community engagement in decision-making, policy implementation in disadvantaged communities, and the development of university-community partnerships.

Kate Wilde

Kate is an educator, counsellor and development worker with over twenty years experience working with young people, their families and communities.

After working in outdoor education and at an indigenous drop-in centre in South Australia Kate spent five years at Manningham Youth & Family Services as a counsellor and Programs Coordinator. After a spell in the Yarra Ranges as Youth Programs Coordinator for Upper Yarra Community House she founded ‘The Workshop’ with Richard Williams and has gone on to become a highly respected provider of programs to agencies, schools, refugee groups, LGA’s and community organizations running workshops on diversity, leadership, mental health, adolescent development, and other relevant topics.  Kate is an engaging facilitator of parent/carer and community forums and sought after conference speaker and facilitator.  She also maintains a small counseling practice working with young people and their families.