CASE STUDY 1 – MENtor Program

MENtor Program – A program created by The Workshop for grade 5/6 boys at St. Charles Borromeo Primary School

The MENtor Program was developed in response to a request from the Wellbeing Coordinator about a growing culture of disengagement amongst senior boys.  The Workshop developed a sixteen week program to work with the boys in groups which culminated in a school-based Mentor Breakfast and mini-golf morning.  The MENtor program consisted of:

  • Weekly Personal Development Sessions exploring role models, self-control, choices and challenges, assertive communication and self esteem
  • Teamwork–weekly teamwork games and challenges – as well as working in small groups to design, develop and create a mini golf hole for the Mentor Breakfast
  • Peer Teaching – Senior boys developed activities on values, friendship and fair play to run with younger boys at school
  • Home/Life Engagement activities – boys took challenges home and out into the community to connect with adult role models and engage with their families.  This aspect of the Program resulted in a Mentor Breakfast run before school where participants invited male mentors to attend a breakfast, play the student-designed mini-golf course and receive a letter from each boy outlining why their mentor was important to them.

Feedback from the MENtor Program:

Grade 5 boy: “I enjoyed most working with the grade 3/4’s – it was a chance to get a mini glimpse of how it is being a teacher and I liked that they respected us and did our activities”

Grade 6 boy: “It was fun - the games and activities were the best because you have fun and you are learning too”

Email received by the school from a parent: "Dear one and all, my son has been involved in the MENtor program this year and as you are no doubt aware the boys celebrated a breakfast with their Mentor, nice and early on Friday morning. Matt chose my dad (his grandfather) as his Mentor. Which touched Dad.  I met my parents for coffee on Sunday and Dad raved at what a wonderful experience it was. (Which surprised us as Dad hasn't seen 6.00am in the morning for a rather long time). He was most impressed with the boys and how caring they were and at how well organised it was. He related with tears in his eyes the letter that each child gave their mentor and how grateful he was to have spent time with his grandson.  We thank you for a wonderful memory of love given to a treasured old man and a cherished little boy.  Thank you."