Tech Teams: A Digital Peer Education Program created by ‘The Workshop’ for Melba College

The Tech Teams Program worked with year 10’s at Melba College using a Student Action Team approach to look at internet use amongst younger students at the school and provide peer lessons around safe and responsible internet use in and out of school.  The program consisted:

  • Training and Education Sessions for Peer Educators – looking at cyber bullying, digital reputation, legal issues, etc.  Sessions also helped students learn leadership, presentation and facilitation skills in preparation for Peer Lessons.
  • Peer Research –older students developed a questionnaire for younger peers looking at their internet use, time online, incidents of cyber bullying, online ‘friends’, conflict with parents/carers over internet use and anxiety around being online.  The Year 10 students collated and interpreted this information as a basis for Peer Lessons
  • Development and implementation of Peer Lessons for year 7 students – Small Teams of Peer Educators planned and ran two ‘Cyber Ed’ lessons for all year 7 students.  Lessons included games, quizzes, digital presentations and self-esteem activities.
Feedback from the TECH TEAMS Program:
The program was fantastic, the students gained confidence and skills throughout the training which they then used while teaching the year 7’s about on line safety.  The follow up after each session was great and focused on the positives, but gave instructional tips on how to improve their techniques while in front of the year 7’s. The relationships which were formed between the year 7’s and year 10’s was wonderful and the yr 7’s really enjoyed being taught in a fun way by students rather than by teachers. Overall, it was a fantastic program and both the year10’s and year 7’s gained great skills which they can use in the future.