Primary & Secondary

The twin issues of cyber safety and cyber bullying are of increasing concern for schools, The Workshop runs a variety of program types about this issue:

Program 1:  One-off caregiver/parent and student information evening
Parents/Caregivers and students attend an information evening and spend the 1st half of the night in separate groups working on relevant activities.

Program 2:  Short-program for students with parent/caregiver forum
Students participate in three one-hour lessons per class and at the end of the three lessons selected students co-facilitate a parent/caregiver information evening.

Program 3:  Long-program for students with parent/caregiver forum
Over a term students form 'Tech Teams' of up to 4 teams per class.  Tech Teams use a Student Action Team approach and work with facilitators and teachers on a Project based on a specific aspect of cyber technology: (i.e. mobile phones, MMOG's, social networking, emails, cyber bullying, etc.).  Each team sets goals and creates an 'action' based on their topic.  At the conclusion of the term an 'Expo' is held for friends and family where each team displays their project topic, aims, goals and reflects on their outcomes.